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Almost one fifth of the Island’s terrain is preserved as national parkland or wildlife sanctuaries. The land rises steeply from the coast to a peak of almost 3,000ft encompassing a profusion of flora and fauna within extensive tropical rainforests and as you climb higher, the views back to the sea or along the coast reward every step of your journey. There are cascading mountain streams, carpets of sweetly scented wild lillies and 200ft water falls with perfectly formed natural bathing pools beneath them. Mango and coconut grow plentifully beside the trails and provide exotic refreshment along the way.

There are several areas that have been designated as preservation areas including Molinere Reef (the finest reef in Grenada), Canoe Bay (with Scoria and ash deposits), Annandale Falls National Park (the oldest rock formations), Grand Etang National Park (crater lakes and endemic vegetation), Mt. St. Catherine (mud flows, hot springs and the highest peak in Grenada at 2757ft), Mt Hope Clabony (important high quality water supply) and Lake Antoine (herbaceous swamps). After colonisation, the land was sold out to estates and cultivation was pushed to the highest practicable limits in most areas. The Government began consolidation of the National Parks and the 3800 acre, Grand Etang National Park has been protected for 85 years, preserving one of the world’s great natural rain forests.

The slopes of Mt St Catherine are extremely steep and the central massif is clad only with palm brake. Elfin woodland caps the summit and there is a secondary, cut-over rain forest on the lower supporting ridges.
The Government and people of Grenada are dedicated to the preservation of their surroundings, as much of their wealth and culture is due to the fruit of this rich land.