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By Air

Located at the southern tip of Grenada, Point Salines International Airport accommodates all long haul jets as well as commercial and private jets from around the world. Smaller, inter-island carriers serve the other islands in the Caribbean and BWIA serves Toronto, New York, Miami and London. British Airways, Virgin and Excel fly from the UK and Condor from Frankfurt. Air Jamaica fly from New York and also have regular flights from Montego Bay and Miami.  Inter-island flights are served by Liat and Caribbean Star to all major islands in the Carribean.
Guests of Peter de Savary’s Properties flying by private aircraft may use the Private Air Terminal at Grenada International Airport with private customs and immigration services. ‘Nutmeg One’ is available to guests of Peter de Savary’s Properties for private charter, for journeys between Grenada, Barbados and other neighbouring islands.

By Water

St. George’s Harbour is a port of call for  yachts and many inter-island ferries. Boats can also clear customs  at various other points around Grenada and the Port Louis Marina will accept boats up to 100m with full customs and immigration services.

Required Documents

All visitors must present a valid passport and a return or onward ticket. Visas are not required from citizens of Canada, the US, the UK, British Commonwealth, Caribbean countries, members of the European Union, Japan or South Korea.