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Diplomatic Representation in UK

In UK, His Excellency  Joseph Charter, High Commissioner, The Chapel, Archel Road, West Kensington, W14 Tel 0208

Diplomatic Representation in USA

In US, Chief of Mission, Ambassador Denis G Antoine, Chancery 1701 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009, Tel 1 202 265 2561


The currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar which is linked to the US dollar. Major credit cards are accepted at most hotels, car rental companies and shops. Travellers cheques are accepted throughout the Island.

Land & Climate

The Island is in the southeastern Caribbean, north of Trinidad and Venezuela at 12 07 North and 61 40 West and is outside of the hurricane belt. The total land area is 344 sq km or just about twice the size of Washington, DC with 121 km of coastline and 12 nautical miles of territorial water. There are two other smaller islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to the northwest of the island and under the same flag.  The Island is tropical and tempered by the north east trade winds with an average temperature in the low 80’s F, constant throughout the year. The hottest month tends to be September. January to May tend to be completely dry, although in what is considered the “rainy” season, showers are usually short and infrequent. The interior highlands are cooler. Grenada has a distinct advantage over the N. Carribean islands in having an equitable, all year round climate.

Terrain & Resources

Grenada is volcanic in origin producing a magnificent topography of densely forested central mountains and coastal mangroves. Waterfalls, springs and streams abound and several dramatic crater lakes form the centre point of the Island. The sea coasts provide spectacular bays and sandy beaches as well as numerous natural harbours making the Island a welcoming stop- over for a variety of vessels. Over 35% of the land is used for arable or permanent crop but a further 35% is tropical rainforest. The Island has good natural resources including timber, tropical fruit and deepwater harbours. Grenada is known as the ‘Isle of Spice’, having more spices per mile than any other place on the planet and the air is scented with exotic perfumes of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

The People

The Island’s total population in July 2006 was 89703. Roman Catholics account for 53% of the population with a further 33.2% Protestant and 13.8% Anglican. Although English is the official language, French patois is spoken widely and 96% of the total population are literate. The Capital of Grenada is St. George’s and the island has a time difference of 5 hours behind Greenwich Meantime, 1 hour ahead of Washington, DC during standard time.

Legal System / Government

Based on English common law, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II represented by the Governor General (appointed by the Monarch), David Williams since August 1996. The Head of Government is Prime Minister Keith Mitchell since June 1995 with the Cabinet appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister. The last elections were held in November 2003 with the next to be held in November 2008.


Grenada relies heavily on agricultural products. These include bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, mace, citrus, avocados, root crops and sugarcane. In the main, most income is derived from the expanding tourism industry.

Getting around

Main roads in Grenada are paved and well-maintained. Visitors can tour the island with private car hire or taxis. Taxis are ideal for guided sightseeing with rates set by the Government. Grenada’s sister islands are located 20 miles to the north and can be reached by express ferry taking one and a half hours, making an ideal day-trip.


The Island is fairly relaxed and cool, casual clothing should be worn in the day. Some of the hotels and restaurants require men to wear long trousers in the evening but jackets and ties are not required. Bathing suits and other revealing clothing should not be worn in the streets, stores or restaurants.
Some of the interior walks are quite demanding. Appropriate walking shoes and jeans should be worn.


The voltage is 200, 50 cycles. Appliances rated 110 volts should be used with a transformer and adaptor. Plugs are British style 3 prong.

Medical Matters

Grenada offers access to first rate doctors, specialists and clinics located throughout the Islands. There is also the General Hospital in St. George’s as well as smaller hospitals around the island.

Places of Worship

Numerous Christian denominations are represented around the Island as well as Islam and Bahia. Most hotels can provide the time and locations of services.